How to Make Money During Upcycles and Downcycles as an Investor in San Antonio

Industry professionals recognize the four phases of the real estate market cycle: recovery, expansion, hyper-supply, and recession. Your recognition of the signs indicating the commencement of an upswing or a downturn in the market will largely influence your ability to make money. Apart from the status of the real estate sector and the quantity of housing options and interest rates available, external influences also play a crucial role. For example, the outbreak of a pandemic brought about a change in the market cycle and the trends related to real estate, with buyers increasingly seeking to invest in properties that would make home-based living and travelling more comfortable, while more and more savvy investors looked to explore Airbnb as a means of providing short-term accommodation.

Real estate investment must be handled like any other business, requiring investors to invest time in studying the indicators of the market to ascertain the perfect time to enter the market in order to build a prosperous portfolio regardless of the current cycle. Investors in San Antonio must stay aware of the changes in the real estate market, and be ready to alter their approach if necessary to be successful over the long run. The correct comprehension of the real estate cycles enables investors to make a substantial amount of profit. Read on as we explore how to make money during the upswing and downswing as an investor in San Antonio.


During times of economic expansion, the demand for housing surpasses the amount of housing on offer, and the building industry takes advantage of this by commencing work on new housing projects. This cycle, where rental rates rise due to limited housing, provides a window of opportunity for investors in San Antonio to invest in new properties or redevelop existing properties for selling at a premium. The simplest way to make money during the upswing and the downswing as an investor in San Antonio is by partnering with professionals such as Lone Star Real Estate Solutions LLC to make the most of their investments.

Hyper Supply

Eventually, the rise in housing production meets a threshold, where the number of housing units in the market outstrips the demand for it, or if a shift in the economy leads to a decline in demand for housing. In the face of this scenario, many investors choose to dispose of their assets, however, prudent investors instead buy and hold on to their properties during this phase to make money as an investor in San Antonio. It is essential to pick properties that will maintain a healthy value over the long-term, making the most of this period to capture a part of the future equity in the investment properties. Established investors, such as those at Lone Star Real Estate Solutions LLC, have strong connections with renowned professionals in the sector to inspect prospective investments and coordinate everything from appraisals to complete remodelling.


When the availability of housing far outdoes the demand, the market plunges into a recessionary phase, with more and more vacancies being reported. In this situation, landlords have no choice but to reduce the rent rates in order to attract potential tenants. To make money during the recessionary cycle as an investor in San Antonio, one must save some capital for the situation to take advantage of the numerous properties that are available for sale at discounted prices. Seasoned investors comprehend the prospective returns of their investments as the real estate cycles fluctuate, and make a good amount of money as the cycle goes through its recovery phase.


The beginning of a new period of growth and prosperity does not always come with the assurance of visible, long-term changes, which is why investors need to keep a close eye on the various influences on the market cycles. During the recovery phase, certain indications of the market returning to its former state appear in the form of an upsurge in employment opportunities, consumer confidence and consumer expenditure. Therefore, to make money during this phase, as an investor in San Antonio, one should take the time to understand the overall economic outlook and be ready to acquire properties at a discounted rate to sell or rent during the next phase, expansion. Partnering with a professional real estate investor like those at Lone Star Real Estate Solutions LLC makes real estate investment much more manageable.

The investors at Lone Star Real Estate Solutions LLC specialize in the San Antonio real estate market and have experienced both prosperous and struggling cycles. Reap the benefits of their knowledge and wisdom as an investor in San Antonio by partnering with them. They always ensure open communication with their clients, knowing that this is essential to your success. With their comprehensive in-house team, ranging from attorneys to closing specialists, you can have peace of mind that your investments are managed to the highest degree. To learn more about the services provided by Lone Star Real Estate Solutions LLC, give them a call at (210) 807-6567.

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