5 Tips to Help if You Have Inherited a Hoarder House in San Antonio

5 Tips to Help if You Have Inherited a Hoarder House in San Antonio

The news of receiving an inheritance of a house may seem like a blessing, but a completely different opinion may form when you discover that you’ve inherited a hoarder house. An inheritance of this nature brings forth a distinct list of considerations to keep in mind. Hoarders often put value on items that are no longer useful and overload their residences with them. Additionally, such homes carry an increased fire hazard for neighbouring properties and anyone residing within, as exits may be hard to reach and an infestation of vermin could be a risk to one’s health.

Inheriting a house from a loved one can be a wonderful gift, yet it may come with unexpected challenges if it’s a hoarder house. Don’t be discouraged; here are five essential tips to assist you with tackling the task of restoring a hoarded house in San Antonio.

Take Up Residence

If you’ve recently inherited a hoarder house in San Antonio, you might want to think about taking up residence. That said, such properties are in no condition to move in straight away, as you’d need to clear the clutter, do some repairs, and more. Making a judgement about the condition of a hoarder house can be challenging, considering that possessions tend to fill every inch of space. But if you don’t plan to live there, you can forgo the renovations and inspection by selling to a cash investor like those from Lone Star Real Estate Solutions LLC. These investors will purchase your hoarder house for cash, exactly as it is.

Rental Property

If you have been fortunate enough to acquire a property that is a former hoarder’s home in San Antonio, one suggestion may be to convert it into a rental. To be a successful landlord, it is important to be well-versed in real estate investing and to have the ability to connect with people. It is essential to abide by the laws and regulations for tenants established by the local, state, and federal governments to avoid any hefty fees or charges. Additionally, to gain maximum benefits, create a rigid tenant assessment procedure and be sure to organize all pertinent paperwork and records. Furthermore, you should be ready to handle emergencies that arise at any time of day or night, if and when your tenants call for assistance. Companies like Lone Star Real Estate Solutions LLC can provide helpful property managers that assist with the avoidance of expensive unsuitable tenant placements.


If you’ve inherited a hoarder house in San Antonio and have thought about selling it, it’s essential to recognize that preparing the property for sale is a necessary component for obtaining the best possible profit. Though you may be considering listing the home as an FSBO in order to save on real estate commissions, this method rarely works out in favor of the seller due to factors such as limited marketing and a lack of screening for potential buyers. As an alternative, Lone Star Real Estate Solutions LLC provides an option that works better – they’ll purchase your hoarded house, giving you a fair market value and without charging any commissions. 

Holding Costs

Inheriting a hoarder house in San Antonio may prove to be a challenge. The expenses of sustaining the property, such as mortgages, taxes, insurance, and utilities, may place a strain on your budget. Furthermore, your efforts in cleaning the piles of stuff can easily eat away your time that could have been spent with family and friends. In this case, you may find it beneficial to employ professionals to take care of the job. Nevertheless, if the time pressure or financial difficulty is too much, a cash investor such as Lone Star Real Estate Solutions LLC will offer you a secure closing date with no closing costs in a matter of days.

Lone Star Real Estate Solutions LLC

If you have recently come into possession of a hoarder house in San Antonio, a great way to get the most out of it is by selling directly to a cash investor at Lone Star Real Estate Solutions LLC. They will walk you through the entire process and will be sure to answer all your questions and concerns. If you’d like to learn more about the potential profits of listing the house compared to a direct sale, the cash investors at Lone Star Real Estate Solutions LLC will provide full transparency, making sure you are aware of all expenses and profits. Don’t wait to get in touch with the cash investors at Lone Star Real Estate Solutions LLC. Call us today at (210) 807-6567 and get the process started.

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