How Absentee Owners Can Sell a House in San Antonio

Are you, as an absentee owner, contemplating the sale of your unused property? In such cases, absentee owners often need outside help for organizing and streamlining the process with realtors, potential buyers, and other necessary professionals. This could potentially mean time away from work, family, and friends to travel to the property in question.

Selling a property can be a nerve-wracking and costly endeavor, especially if it’s one of your most significant financial transactions. But don’t panic if you’re an absentee owner, San Antonio has options available that can make the process of selling your house simpler and less costly. In this article, we’ll explore how you can go about selling your house without being present.

No Commissions

Many absentee owners wish to keep the real estate commissions for themselves, making an FSBO sale a tempting prospect. Unfortunately, selling a home from a distance is a complex task most owners aren’t prepared for. To avoid this challenge, and still benefit from professional guidance, Lone Star Real Estate Solutions LLC provides cash investors who purchase homes in San Antonio directly from their owners. To help the owners make the most profitable decision, Lone Star Real Estate Solutions LLC goes over the estimated costs and profits of listing vs. a direct sale in detail. At Lone Star Real Estate Solutions LLC, we strive to ensure our clients are content with their sale for years to come.

No Waiting

A real estate agent can make a rough estimate of the time taken to list your house in the San Antonio market until closing, however, those who wish to avoid this process can benefit from a much quicker transaction with Lone Star Real Estate Solutions LLC, as they can offer a cash sale with a guaranteed closing date in as little as a few days. This is made possible because cash investors at Lone Star Real Estate Solutions LLC can easily coordinate the most convenient date to close the deal.

No Marketing

Marketing a property can be an expensive endeavor. When selling, one must make sure their house stands out – regardless if they use a real estate agent or attempt a For-Sale-By-Owner approach. Experienced agents know that it is crucial to achieve the highest profits possible on a listing. As such, they tend to hire professional stagers, helping to create an inviting blank canvas for prospective buyers. Decor should be minimal and neutral-toned, and any large pieces of furniture that could diminish the appearance of the room should be removed. Additionally, agents often hire photographers and drone pilots for digital imagery. As an alternative, absentee owners can forgo the hassle of marketing in San Antonio and the associated expenses by selling directly to a cash investor from Lone Star Real Estate Solutions LLC.

No Repairs

Because most buyers are looking for homes ready for their move immediately, you can expect your house to sell for less on the San Antonio real estate market when it’s in need of repairs. In addition to the financial money pit that you could be falling into when you start the repairs, overseeing the project from afar makes the job extremely difficult. On the other hand, selling directly to a cash investor like those at Lone Star Real Estate Solutions LLC allows absentee owners to sell a house in San Antonio without pouring thousands into repairs. A cash investor from Lone Star Real Estate Solutions LLC will buy your house as-is, taking on the costs and risks of digging into the project and making the repairs.

No Closing Costs

Sellers of real estate, who use the traditional sales method, must cover extra costs, such as fees, taxes, and services from their profit margin when the closing occurs. With Lone Star Real Estate Solutions LLC, however, absentee owners in San Antonio have the option to skip such extra payments, while still getting a quick and straightforward service. Our all-encompassing team of industry experts is ready to help sellers avoid the burden of additional costs. This way, when selling directly to a cash investor from Lone Star Real Estate Solutions LLC, the money you receive is exactly the amount you will be offered.

As a conclusion, when you opt to go through Lone Star Real Estate Solutions LLC to sell your property, there will be no commissions, hidden fees, delays, closing costs, repairs or showings. Selling to a local cash investor with Lone Star Real Estate Solutions LLC is undoubtedly the simplest choice for absentee owners in San Antonio. Don’t wait, call Lone Star Real Estate Solutions LLC at (210) 807-6567 to get started!

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